For all services I will interview you to find out your likes and dislikes, draw up a customized menu just for you, do all the shopping the day before or on the cook day, cook, clean, and package your delicious meals for future fuss-free, deliciously healthy meals and treats.


For this standard service you or I will choose 3-5 dinner entrées of 4 servings and side dish pairs to be cooked up all in one day and then packaged and frozen for future meals.

Minimum Service:

3 entrees + 3 side dishes (4 servings per entrée and side dish)

Standard service:

5 entrees + 5 side dishes (4 servings per entrée and side dish)

Other Services:

Grocery Shopping

Don’t want to go grocery shopping or just need a little help making healthier grocery choices? Let me do the work or take me with and we’ll do it together. I can do shopping at local farmer’s markets where I already know who the trusted vendors are, or at local grocers and co-ops located throughout the Austin area.

Gluten Free Bakery Day

I can come into your home and fill your pantries with delicious, homemade bakery items of your choice, completely free of gluten!

If you are not gluten free, not a problem. I can bake whatever you dream up with or without gluten.

This service is perfect if you need an extra fancy dessert for company, just want some delicious cookies for snacking or need some fresh bread and dinner rolls for future meals.


Pricing per service will vary depending on what options you choose. I will talk to you first and provide a custom quote based on your preferences and expectations, and within your budget.